Air Floatation Dryers

Features & Benefits

  • Optimal "quick release" nozzle designs to match individual product requirements.
  • High efficiency performance enhances drying speed through superior heat transfer characteristics
  • Reliable flotation provides optimal "sine wave" shape, prevents fluting, edge flutter and other handling problems.Ease of maintenance and operation is provided by planer retraction, simplifying webbing up, cleaning operations and maintenance.

"Contact Free" drying of single or double side coated substrates

Greenbank "Air Flotation Dryers" are designed to support the product by Air Pressure produced from special purpose, high efficiency nozzles.
The nozzle discharge produces a high "heat transfer" coefficient to the product at low web tension.

Flotation dryers are suitable for a wide range of products e.g. Film, foil, paper, laminated products, fabrics and flexible packaging products.

Greenbank "Flotation Dryers" exceed the most stringent requirements for the Paper industry. Since the 1950's Greenbank engineers and designers have provided proven system technology that meets the industry's most demanding specifications.

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