Single Conveyor Dryers

Features & Benefits

  • Precise and uniform air flow
  • Multiple zone temperature control
  • Variable speed fans provide precise air flow control
  • Humidity controls for perfect drying conditions
  • Top and bottom airflow distribution nozzles
  • Ease of accessibility for maintenance and cleaning
  • Choice of heating medium i.e. gas, electric, thermal oil etc
  • Self supporting variable speed conveyor systems
  • Pre-assembled and shop tested at our manufacturing base

Conveyor dryers from Greenbank Technology are a product of over 50 years experience in multiple industry applications. Designs come in variety of widths ranging from 0.5M to 3.5M and are tailor made to match production requirements.

Individually designed and constructed to meet your exact specifications.
A highly efficient air distribution system, Utilising high efficiency air distribution nozzles ensure perfect temperature and product uniformity.

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