Contactless Flotation Ovens for Food Casings

Features & Benefits

  • NO contact with the product
  • Multiple Zone configurations
  • Superior Temperature Uniformity
  • Adjustable Air Distribution system
  • Ease of accessibility
  • Cleanliness
  • Patented System


  • Direct Driven VFD controls on fans/motors
  • Constant pressure monitoring system
  • Low energy usage

Contactless Floatation Ovens for Food Casings

Sausage making has evolved into a highly specialised business with processors ranging from small independent shops producing one-of-a-kind gourmet sausages, to multi-million pound "mega-processors" producing millions of pounds of product each year.

Greenbank Technology has developed a unique range of "contactless" floatation ovens for curing Collagen and Fibrous casings for sausages and similar foodstuffs. These ovens are designed with a unique air delivery system which utilises a high efficiency "Tubular Suspension System", which guides the product through a series of tunnels suspended by air pressure.

The ovens are designed in modular sections and can incorporate multiple zones to match your production requirements.

Portable pilot ovens and testing equipment is available to determine the exact requirements in terms of production, curing parameters and moisture removal.
The ovens are designed with multiple zone configurations, PLC controls, VFD motors, adjustable damper settings for optimal air flow control and pressure. Accessibility for cleaning and maintenance is provided.

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