Tornado Can Washer Dryer

New Can Washer "Drying Oven" Reduces Energy & Floor Space by 60%

The new "Can Drying Oven" designed and developed by Greenbank Technology Ltd - UK reduces Energy and Floor Space required by conventional Dryers by up to 60%.

The “Tornado” Dryer developed by Greenbank in 2005 has surpassed all expectations, with over 80 units installed today worldwide.

With continual “Can light weighting” and “taller can” production the “TORNADO” dryer has replaced conventional Can Washer Dryers as we know them.

Can instability has become a thing of the past; the “Tornado” machine provides perfect can stability and will dry the cans in under 45 seconds.

This produces a machine that requires considerably less floor space and energy than conventional systems.

The new dryer also incorporates an automatic (push button) lifting system of the air pressure chamber to facilitate different can sizes. All can sizes from 20cl to 50cl/591ml can be accommodated in the same machine.

Truly:- “Out of the Ordinary”.

Tornado Blue

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