OBO Systems (Vacuum Transfer System)

State of the Art "Pin-less" Technology

The OBO system is a truly "Pin less" system which incorporates a reciprocating mechanism that pick and places the cans from the incoming conveyors onto the oven belt.

  • Speeds up to 4000 CPM
  • Single or Dual Lane systems
  • Belt widths up to 3.0M
  • Superior Temperature Uniformity + - 2deg C.
  • Wet Can Conveying systems from Coater/Decorator
  • Synthetic conveyor belt

Features & Benefits

  • Greenbank provides completely integrated systems from Coater / Decorator through can transfer conveyors to the Vacuum transfer / pick & place mechanism, to oven exit.
  • Electronic synchronisation with variable speed coater / decorator production speeds.
  • Perfect can stability.
  • No Pin Chain - No lubrication
  • Dual lane configuration available for running two decorators / coaters.

Greenbank Technology Ltd provides a system that meets the ultimate demands of our customers in terms of - product quality, space requirements and energy efficiency.

Our goal is to continue is to give our customers a leading edge by supplying meticulously engineered systems that match the demands of the industry.

Our Customers

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Ardagh Group
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Visko Teepak
Canpack SA
Bao Steel
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