Internal Bake Oven (IBO)

Features & Benefits:

Speed & Control

• Designs over 4000 CPM

• Exceptional Can Stability

• 3 Zone Flexible Control

• Superior Temperature Uniformity + - 2deg C.

• Adjustable Air Distribution nozzles


• Direct Driven VFD controls on fans/motors

• Synthetic Conveyor Belt Technology - completely eliminates "metal fines"

• Lower energy usage than other systems

The New IBO from Greenbank is designed and manufactured using the most up to date construction methods available today. With the collective goal of reducing energy, providing an environmentally friendly workplace, and the ultimate in product quality. State of the art manufacturing equipment and techniques ensure that Greenbank ovens are of the highest quality standards available.

Design & Construction

• "Cool Wall" Panel Design (unique in the industry) vastly reduces radiation into the workplace.

• Four point "cam locking" access doors provide ultimate integrity from leaking joints

• Completely welded structure ensures no leakage and unsightly lacquer stains.


• Designed and manufactured using the most advanced equipment available.

The Ultimate Curing Machine.

ibo internalimage

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