Compact Can Washers

This new generation Can Washer for aluminium and steel beverage cans provides the industry with a new and innovative design that captures the benefits of minimal water usage, minimal chemical usage and a significantly reduced footprint.

Torrent1CompactCanWasher Actual


The new "COMPACT" Can Washer from Greenbank Technology.

These benefits together with European manufacturing and European sourced materials, parts and components provides the industry with a QUALITY machine that surpasses anything available in the market.

“TORRENT ONE” - Can Washer

Greenbank provides a can washing system that gives superior performance in terms of waste water usage, and chemical usage, the vertical pump design reduces the overall footprint by reducing the width of the washer by almost 2.0M.

Together with the world leading “Tornado” dryer, Greenbank provides the ultimate “system” in metal finishing for todays modern can lines, with over 15 "Torrent One" can washers installed today worldwide.

Torrent1CompactCanWasher websiteFeatures & Benefits:

  • 1000 to 6000 CPM
  • All can sizes
  • 3 Zone Flexible Control
  • Lowest Water Usage
  • Lowest Chemical crossover.
  • Multiple “closed loop” blow off & Vacuum systems
  • Significantly reduced footprint.
  • European manufacturing.
  • European sourced materials, parts & components.
  • Steel or Plastic conveying systems.
  • Variable speed drives on all pumps & fans.
  • Purpose designed spray nozzles and pumping system.

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