Metal Packaging Industry

Compact Can Washers

This new generation Can Washer for aluminium and steel beverage cans provides the industry with a new and innovative design that captures the benefits of minimal water usage, minimal chemical usage and a significantly reduced footprint.

Tornado Can Washer Dryer

The new "Can Drying Oven" designed and developed by Greenbank Technology Ltd - UK reduces Energy and Floor Space required by conventional Dryers by up to 60%.

The “Tornado” Dryer, developed by Greenbank in 2005, has surpassed all expectations, with over 80 units installed today worldwide.

Pin Ovens

The "Omega" Pin Oven is the very latest in Pin Oven Technology and incorporates features that are unequalled in the industry.

Manufacturing techniques, state of the art machinery and a wealth of thermal processing knowledge in many industries has
ensured that the Omega pin oven is quite unique in the can making industry.

Internal Bake Oven (IBO)

The New IBO from Greenbank is designed and manufactured using the most up to date construction methods available today. With the collective goal of reducing energy, providing an environmentally friendly workplace, and the ultimate in product quality. State of the art manufacturing equipment and techniques ensure that Greenbank ovens are of the highest quality standards available.

Thermal Oxidisers

Greenbank Technology Ltd has recently entered into a unique technical agreement with a major supplier of Air Pollution Control Technology. This alliance has created a one-stop shop for the design, manufacture and supply of "Air Pollution Control Systems" to multiple industries worldwide.

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