Innovation in Thermal Process Engineering

Greenbank Technology Ltd is today’s successor to 60 years of Thermal Process Technology.

Greenbank Technology is now the market leader in the design, development and manufacture of “Two Piece Can Making Equipment” to the industry, with over 450 Pin Ovens, Inside Bake Ovens, Torrent One Can Washers, TORNADO Can Washer Dryers, OBO’s and Equipment Retrofits manufactured and supplied since 2001.

The comprehensive range of Pin Ovens, Inside Bake Ovens, Washers and Dryer Ovens have revolutionized industry standards and has stepped “outside of the ordinary” in manufacturing quality standards.

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Our Products

Metal Packaging Industry

Over 50 years of technical expertise in oven design together with a wealth of experience in the "Can Making" industry has brought a revolutionary range of equipment for the beer & beverage "Can Making" industry sector.

The Food Industry

Greenbank Technology offers a wide range of equipment for the general Food Industry. Our project engineers prepare the initial cost estimates on all applications to determine the performance parameters of the dryer/oven, based on tests and specific calculations for every individual product.

The Paper & Paper Converting Industry

Since its conception in the 1950's, the name Greenbank has been at the forefront in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial drying and curing ovens for the Paper and Paper Converting Industries.

Custom Equipment

Greenbank Technology have developed a unique range of “bespoke” equipment for a number of industries, which employ sophisticated air handling and thermal processing techniques.

Our Customers

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